How It Works

1. Send us a few pics of your Fleabag

We believe that one picture of your pet just isn't enough to capture every little spot and whisker. That’s why we want you to upload two or three pics. If you’re like us, your camera roll is filled to the brim with your pet so make sure you choose photos that really make them look like a furry supermodel. Send us a link to your instafamous pet’s account and we can get an even better look. See our photo guidelines for more tips. 

2. Tell us your Fleabag’s cheeky habits 

Does your pooch like stealing socks or catching frisbees? Does your cat like sitting on your laptop while you work or jumping in empty boxes. Our illustrator will make sure your portrait depicts all the quirky stuff that makes your fleabag unique.  


2. Pick a background colour…. or leave it to us

Did you know there are 10 million shades of colour out there?  Well you can pick any one of them.  If choosing from 10 million shades is a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, leave it to us and we’ll pick the perfect backdrop. 

3. Watch your Fleabag become a digital pet portrait and use it over, and over again

Once you make your order, we’ll always send you a high res digital file of your pet portrait which can be used as many times as you like. Put it in a frame on your wall, put it on your phone case, put it on your mug or put it on a t-shirt. The opportunities are endless.